4 Easy Driveway Design Tips for Christchurch Householders


When householders look for ways to improve curb appeal and property values, the driveway usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Driveways get little thought during the construction process, and most are basic, narrow, and straight. If a home needs an attractive driveway, the owner can follow these tips for form and function.

Design it, Don’t Just Install It

The driveway is best viewed as a transitional space that invites visitors from the outside to the inside of the home. It can be made into a functional, attractive, and powerful feature that’s so much more than a plain strip of asphalt. There are a variety of materials that offer a weather-resistant and durable surface that can add style and beauty to any property.

Consider Functionality

The householder should consider the way the family will use the driveway, and it should be designed with drivers’ needs in mind. If there are teens in the family, the driveway should be wide enough to accommodate more cars as they become licenced drivers.

Consider Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicles should be able to navigate the driveway safely and easily, and designers will consider how they move alone and relative to others. For instance, a car cannot turn at a right angle. Therefore, it is important to design a curved driveway to accommodate a turning vehicle’s sweeping motion. If possible, a driveway in Christchurch should include a turnaround so drivers do not have to back out into the street.

Provide Guest Parking

All too often, homes with a lack of parking have unsightly lawns and erosion issues. Incorporating guest parking when making repairs to your Christchurch driveway ensures there will be plenty of room for everyone to park and the landscaping stays in good condition. Because impermeable surfaces can cause runoff and other environmental problems, householders should consider alternatives to asphalt. Materials such as cobblestone and pavers allow water to get to the soil underneath, becoming filtered before it enters the ground.

Most people don’t give their driveways a second thought until there’s a problem with parking or erosion. However, the driveway is a very important part of the home, and the design tips above can help the householder give it the respect it deserves. If there’s a problem with the driveway at the home, you can visit us at Oasis Concreting, or go online to see our team of driveway contractors in Christchurch at www.oasisconcreteandpaving.co.nz.